LevelUP: Innovating Themes for the Future


1. Design Elements Library API (Free Service)
2. Full AMP Compatibility
3. Continuous Updates

Design Library is one of the first core features of the LevelUP plugin. We will be adding more
features to this plugin which are going to revolutionise the way you use WP.

Full AMP Compatibility

AMP has been a priority since the day one of the development cycle of LevelUP.

Elementor Compatible

You will have access to ready to design elements via API Service.

Frequent Design Updates

We will be adding new design elements in the library very frequently.

Design Library

We have a design library which will be connected with Design API.
Your Library will be updated when there's a new design available via our free service.


Currently we only have Category module with 6 designs. More designs are in progress, once we feel that we have enough designs covered then we will go for the next module.

You can also request for a certain design or module by emailing us.

Development Roadmap

We are Actively developing this plugin to make it #1 in the world. Our aim is to make it bug-free and adding exciting features. We will be pushing the updates every other week to make sure that it's stable and rock-solid!

Coded on Github

We’re collecting the bugs and doing the development on the Github

Join the Telegram Community

We have the whole development and support team available live on the Telegram group.